Top 10 Luxury Car Rental Options You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

Top 10 Luxury Car Rental Options You Won't Want to Miss Out On

Each of us wants to arrive at our destinations oozing with elegance. Having an exotic car as your means of transportation will achieve that. But which model exactly do you go for, there are so many to choose from that you might end up conflicted.

For some people, looking for luxury car rental services means devoting a lot of their time to this task. They have to deliberate on the features, rental costs, and insurance before they get the car they want. Opting for a luxury car rental service will make the process easy for everyone.

Rental companies have a myriad of exotic car collections for you to choose from. These companies can help you arrive at your preferred choice via their customer service. But at the end of the day, you should be the one in control.

Are you searching for a luxury car to rent but you are unsure of the choices? Here are some premium options that you can select from.

1. Lamborghini Luxury Car Rental

Lamborghini is a supercar that came into existence in 1963. It’s of Italian origin whose features incorporate a responsive design that will elevate your driving experience. Lamborghinis aren’t just famous for their stylish design; their powerful engines leave renowned speed freaks gasping for breath.

This model should be on your top five if you are looking for an exotic car rental in Los Angeles.

2. Ferrari

Ferraris are strong contenders for the tag of goddesses of beauty under the exotic cars umbrella. They are highly exclusive, sexy, and fast; be sure to attract a lot of attention when you ride this model anywhere.

What is more interesting is that you can get this model in an unconventional design. Exotic Ferraris won’t be limited to coupes only; the Purosangue is an SUV in the making.

3. Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce attracts and releases instant emotions when you first drive it. Just imagine what it would do to a person watching from the sidelines? Rolls Royce has a magnificent body structure that oozes dominance and control on the road.

If you prefer SUV rental over coupes, then go for this model we just added to our Miami fleet.

4. Bugatti

The Bugatti literally speaks of its worth. This make has multiple cars, like Veyron, the Chiron or the Divo, which would set you back by millions if you were to purchase it. What could be more exclusive than that?

The Chiron boasts of reaching the highest speed when compared to other models. Yet it has excellent handling capability that guarantees your safety when you are speeding down the street. A ride in this car via our luxury car rental service will fulfill your automotive fantasies. But keep in mind those cars are not only very expensive to rent, but they’re also very limited.

5. Bentleys

Bentleys are the perfect statement of wealth and mystery. Go for them if you have a fetish for a convertible car rental with unlimited customization features. Bentley’s adhere to top-notch craftsmanship that gives them their opulent design.

Besides, newer models have been redesigned to give them a more muscular appearance.

6. Mercedes-Maybach

If operating in incognito mode has been your mojo then forget about this model. But who would want to be driving around in an exotic car without the full attention of the public? It beats the purpose.

The Mercedes-Maybach has an undeniable presence thanks to its towering exterior design. That’s just the tip of it. Step right into this car and you’ll be awed by the designer’s appreciation for detail.

From the profusion of lighting to the leather seats; you’ll love it.

7. Land Rover Ranger Rover

Range Rover is one of the best rental options for your vacation because it offers superior comfort and convenience. With its luxurious interior, plush seating, and spacious trunk, you can travel in style and comfort. The Range Rover also provides great value for money as it is equipped with features such as a navigation system and a rearview camera, making it easier to find your destination.

Furthermore, the Range Rover has advanced safety features including airbags, traction control, and antilock brakes to keep you safe on the road. Its powerful engine ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

8. McLaren

McLaren makers first started nu making Formula 1 racing cars. Then they slowly expanded their operations and tapped into building high-performance vehicles. It was a smart move as years of experience in making racing cars guaranteed the success of their new hypercar manufacturing business.

So far, McLaren is among the remaining few automakers whose sole focus is making exotic cars; they haven’t spread their tentacles into SUVs. This means they can focus on producing high-performance beasts that give Lamborghinis and Ferraris a run for their money.

McLaren is notorious for producing limited versions of their exotic cars; consider renting one of them if you’d like to ride with a little bit of panache.

9. Audi Coupe and Spyder

Lovers of a combination of visceral performance, power, noise, and revs will automatically fall in love with Audi’s coupe and spyder exotic cars. These are some of the brand’s immersive models that you won’t notice immediately from their aggressive exteriors. Driving an Audi coupe or spyder the engaging experience that you’ll realize is hugely exciting.

10. The Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 ranks among the top exotic cars that incorporate technology in nearly all its aspects. From acceleration, handling, braking, the interior design to comfort and convenience, you’ll notice that the tech it uses is devoid of any flaws.

The Porsche 911’s latest PCM navigation has all the necessary updates that’ll help you weave through traffic more quickly and naturally. Pinch and swipe capabilities of the car’s entire system make operating it faster and intuitive than its competitors. The Porsche is an ideal exotic car rental option for tech enthusiasts who love speed.

Travel in Style With Luxury Car Rentals

People often think that renting luxury cars is tedious and expensive; a preserve for the rich. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many rental companies are competing for your attention so they’ll offer the best prices.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown prevent you from traveling in style. If you know where to look, you’ll get the best deal and the ride of a lifetime. Contact Centurion Lifestyle for the best luxury car rental offers today.