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Centurion Lifestyle


Centurion Lifestyle is not just a rental service. It is a brand that revolves around the concept of providing only the best service to its customers who are looking for an ULTIMATE LUXURY LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE.


Los Angeles is a city where artists, athletes, businessmen, and movie stars need to shine. If you’re working in the entertainment industry, you know that staying low-key doesn’t really cut it here, which is exactly why you need premium services to help you make a mark on any occasion.


To help you achieve your business goals or just cruise around the city, we offer a variety of luxury vehicles that fit every style and mood. Whether it is a gala you need to attend or it’s a wedding you need to get to.

Take for instance the Rolls Royce Wraith from our collection and make an impression when you drive up to an important business event.  If you enjoy long drives, you can always opt for the roadsters in our collection.


If you enjoy exploring nature and mountains, we also have luxurious SUV in our roster, like the Mercedes AMG G-63, the Bentley Bentayga or the Range-Rover Supercharged.


We have Ferraris and Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benz and other exotic roadsters that are one of a kind in their respective departments. Most luxury vehicle rentals would stop here but not us. We have a trick or two up our sleeves.

Other than enjoying our car rental service you can opt for one of our luxury villas. We know YOU DESERVE NOTHING OTHER THAN THE BEST which is why we bring some of the best and most luxurious villas in the city of Los Angeles under your reach.


No matter if it is a short stay or a long one, our villas are always conveniently located so you can enjoy your stay there for as long as you please.


We know our clientele have very specific needs, and we take pride in going the extra mile for our customers, even as far as offering you private yachts for your use.


Maybe it’s the first time you have visited the ocean and you desire to take a close look at it. Well, nothing beats having the luxury Hermes yacht to yourself or having a nice little yacht party with some good company. After all, that is the kind of lifestyle we are hoping to provide.

Taking a tour of the city in a helicopter has never been so easy. We provide helicopter and private jet service to our customers as well. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU MIGHT DREAM OF getting from under one roof can be found at Centurion Lifestyle.


Our commitment to excellence is unmatched. Absolutely nothing is more important to us at Centurion Lifestyle than the satisfaction of our clients.


Our team has been providing the ultimate satisfaction to our clients since 2013. The customer support and customer care you will receive from our company will not be found anywhere else.


We at Centurion Lifestyle are driven and committed to offering the best service in the entire city.

In short, Centurion Lifestyle is A ONE-STOP SHOP FOR A LUXURIOUS LIFESTYLE.

Simply pre-book any of our services and enjoy your day/s in a lifestyle of luxury.

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