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The Porsche 911 GT3 is an ultra high performance model for the popular Porsche 911, finishing the line of 911 high performance models, which started with the 911 Carrano RS. This car was so complex that it incorporated several innovations and new technologies in its construction. Among those technologies are the magnesium-alloy tubular body-work, stretched chassis, and carbon fiber-intensive brakes and lightweight front suspension. Of course, this high performance car also incorporates some traditional elements of a Porsche, such as the 4-point seat belts, high front rocker, air-conditioned cabin, and dual-zone automatic transmission. It’s a racing car, but the interior is still a Porsche, with all the luxurious details along the way.


All the past years innovations have been improved with the new 911 GT3, and the overall effect is an amazing achievement in automobile technology. For example, the aluminum body-work has taken advantage of magnesium’s property to efficiently dissipate heat when the car is moving at high speed. This allows the engine to breathe freely, and to further improve its performance and efficiency, the air-conditioned cabin has been completely revamped. Now, the production running gear and brake pads have a higher friction performance and reduce the dew point, further improving the overall effect of the engine. In other words, the car is a beast of innovation and performance. Another cool feature is the automatic car starter. By pressing a button, and it allows you to start the car even if the battery is dead.


Although the 911 GT3 has set new standards for high performance, one feature remains the same, the explosive power under the hood. The manual transmission is also equipped with a clutch that has a variable pressure control, which allows the driver to use the pressure to fully control the amount of power going into the rear wheel.


The engine’s low center of gravity offers a compact design that optimises the engine’s power for generating a higher torque. With the standard 911 GT3, a single crankcase pump acts as a lever and engages the clutch, releasing the start moving the engine through the gears in order for the car to be accelerated quickly. The result is quicker acceleration and more stable cruising speed.


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