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12 MPG

Large bags


Engine Capacity4.0L V8 biturbo

Fuel Typegazoline



Rent a Mercedes G550 In Los Angeles

The sheer power and classic looks, that’s what the Mercedes G-Class SUV brings to the table. We know how luxurious and powerful Mercedes sedans are, keeping that in mind, we couldn’t hold back from introducing the boxy and muscular SUV from the German auto giant to our line-up. We are proud to announce that you can rent the Mercedes G-Class – G550 at Centurion Lifestyle at an attractive price.

Exterior Design

The one thing everybody likes about the G-Class Wagon is its shape. The very muscular looking body shape is a thing of the past but fortunately, Mercedes stuck to it and kept on introducing new models using the design. Their flagship SUV has almost the same exterior design as it did 35 years ago with only slight changes. On the front fascia, you cannot miss the humungous Mercedes logo that sits on the simplistic grille. The overall edges in the vehicle have been softened and a slight curve has been added to them. Only a keen observer will be able to differentiate one G-Class from another, but to a normal human, they will all look the same. That is certainly not a bad thing.

Interior Impression

The interior is where Mercedes has worked hard. Although the vehicle has a classic touch from the outside, sit inside and you will find yourself engulfed in a futuristic setting. The console, the steering, the meters, everything is so advanced and up-to-date. You even get a spacious interior with plenty of legroom for all individuals. The seats are much more comfortable from previous models and they are adjustable. There are buttons almost everywhere, on the door, the steering and the center console. Everything is within the reach of the driver, which is exactly what is needed in an SUV.

Cabin Space

For the new model, Mercedes increased the length of the vehicle. As a result, the front passengers will get 1.5 inches of extra space and the rear passengers will get 5.9 inches of legroom. The headroom was never a problem with the G-Class. Its upright shape is perfect for all individuals who require extra headroom. There is plenty of space in the boot to store your belongings and to take your family on a picnic.

Engine Specifications

There are two Mercedes G-Class Wagons in production, the G550, and the G63. The G550 is a base model while the G63 is focused more on performance. However, both the vehicles get a 4.0-liter dual-turbocharged V8 engine. The G550 makes 416 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. Whereas the G63, with the help of AMG tuning, makes 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. The engines are connected to a 9-speed transmission that ensures optimal performance at all times.

Driving Dynamics

Mercedes’s performance department AMG was involved in the production of the new G-Class SUVs and so both the SUVs perform better than the previous models. The two SUVs had a large difference when it came to performance and top speed, now both the G550 and the G63 have slight differences. The higher torque of the G63 reaches peak performance from 2500 to 3500 rpm range, while the G550’s 450 lb-ft of torque reaches peak performance in 2250 to 4750 rpm range. The G550 rushes from 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds going on to a top speed of 130 mph, while the G63 runs from naught to sixty in 4.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 137 mph. If you have the AMG Driver’s Package installed, the G63 will be able to add in extra power to rush to a maximum top speed of 149 mph.

Rent a Mercedes G550 In Beverly Hills

The Mercedes G-Class SUV is the best of the best if you are looking for a mixture of both classic and modern styling. The SUV is great for the road as well as for any off-road track. The newest model of the G-Wagon is now available at Centurion Lifestyle. At Centurion Lifestyle you can rent out luxury cars like the G-Wagon for a day or more. You can have your vehicle delivered to your doorstep or you can have it delivered at a special event. Centurion Lifestyle’s exotic cars are available on very competitive rates, so you can rest assured you are always getting the best deal.