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The new Bentley Bentayga rental

The new Bentley Bentayga rental is the latest member of the Centurion Lifestyle luxury SUV range. Designed to celebrate the car’s 98th anniversary, it represents a bold, striking presence that combines class with performance. Designed to meet the expectations of its creator, it provides the Bentley name with an imposing presence that will have all its passengers taking notice. With its masterful design, it will undoubtedly become one of the most talked about cars on the road.


The new standard for luxury SUV

Our Bentley Bentayga rental in Los Angeles has all the elements required to make for a great luxury saloon. It is almost a one-of-a-kind vehicle that takes styling to another level altogether. Designed to blend elegance and power in a single body, the Bentley Bentayga features a sporty and aggressive look that has been characterised by its massive front grill. Designed to maximise the aerodynamic advantages of the architecture of the car, the Bentley uses a low-drag air suspension system to help it shed off significant amounts of weight. The design also incorporates a signature muscular line that runs along the rear window, while a single-link rear end ensures that the tyres are kept firmly on the ground.


The Performance by Bentley

With its five-star luxury credentials, the Bentley Bentayga is anything but ordinary. Designed by Sangyup Lee, this latest Bentley is all set to become one of the most lavish and impressive models in the luxury segment. In order to give the SUV its ultimate performance, Sangyup Lee transformed the concept car into a modern, minimalist yet elegant ride. With a long, low and clean profile, the new Bentley features two signature a unique exterior, combined with stunning interior design and luxury appointments such as leather upholstery, carbon fiber and high end wood inserts. With a massive lcd screen and infotainment system, as well and front and rear heated seats, the Bentayga is truly a show-stopper.


Your Bentley Rental by Centurion Lifestyle

Beneath the sleek and sophisticated exterior of our Bentley Bentayga rental is its high-tech interior. Boasting a wealth of cutting-edge driving assistance technology , latest safety features, and of course, an explosive torque and power, the Bentley Bentayga packs a punch. And when it comes to functionality, the luxury SUV indeed deserves five stars. A must-have for travellers, the interior of the Bentayga also features a host of innovations, which helps to make the experience of travelling in the luxury car of your choice all the more enjoyable, nothing short of revolutionary.


The exterior design of the Bentley Bentayga rental features one of the most innovative and modern styles of bodywork on any modern luxury SUV. The Bentleys trademark front airbrakes, help to ensure optimum braking performance.

Our new Bentley Bentayga rental in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is expecting to carry the flag for Bentley in the SUV market once again this coming season. A redesigned, ultra-luxurious and supremely powerful model is expected to offer our clients a chance to ride a legend in the making. If you are looking for an all-around luxury SUV, you should certainly give the new Bentley Bentayga a chance to prove that it is anything but ordinary. Following in the footsteps of our new Bentley Continental rental, the new Bentley Bentayga will be competing against the top!

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