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Horsepower 425 HP0%
Top Speed 155 mph - 250 Km/h0%

Rent a BMW M3 from Centurion Lifestyle to enjoy comprehensive service and care that anticipates your every need. Reach out to our concierge today for help booking cars, villas, air travel, and more.

BMW M4 Rental

The brand known to produce the ultimate driving machines brings you the next evolution of the M-series concept. When you choose a BMW M3 rental from Centurion Lifestyle, you’re getting a vehicle that pushes everything to the next level. From the tightest possible handling to dynamic stability and control, a BMW M3 rental in Los Angeles reintroduces you to the exhilaration of the open road.

Our BMW M3 rental is available in a soothing grey color. The interior and exterior have matching granite hues to create a subtly imposing design and impossibly sleek silhouette. Enjoy features like the Active M Differential that uses wheel rotation, pedal position, and stability data to act on each wheel, as well as lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic that creates more rear downforce. Discover seats that swathe you in luxurious comfort with 4-way lumbar support, adjustable bolsters, and integrated headrests.


  • Bluetooth Capabilities
  • Touchscreen Controls
  • Auto Start-Stop Function
  • Rear View Cameras
  • Real Time Traffic Info
  • Adaptive Brake Lights

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