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14 MPG

Large bags


Engine Capacity2.8 L

Fuel Typegazoline



Ford Bronco Rental in Los Angeles

The Ford Bronco was designed as a utility vehicle. Even though it was made primarily for its driving capabilities, the interior has been crafted with an emphasis on design and comfort. In most cases, the seats have been replaced with reclining type designs in an effort to provide passengers with both a relaxation fit and adequate support. Furthermore, the design is aimed at providing a stylish automobile which complements both its practicality and styling. All Bronco exteriors are finished in either gloss or satin black paint and the interior has been provided with either leather or vinyl upholstery.

Interior Impression

The steering wheel is covered with both cloth and leather with an additional button for remote control activation. The interior has a fold up glovebox and there is a storage compartment behind the seats in addition to a center console with a cup holder. The latter is fashioned in the shape of a radio antenna and has both a tape deck and CD storage. The stereo system is integrated in the dash and there is a power key with a remote control.

Driving the Ford Bronco Classic

If you are going to be spending a lot of time on the road with your Bronco, you are going to need something that can handle the drive. Our Bronco have been renovated carefully on the exterior and interior. With Centurion Lifestyle, you always get a vehicle that has been properly maintained.

One of the most unique aspects of the Ford Bronco’s design is the fact that it is one of the few vehicles in history which has both an automatic and manual transmission. This means that those who may have wanted a four-door sedan with a crew of muscle will find it hard to settle for any other vehicle which offers this combination. Furthermore, Ford’s success with the Bronco has ensured that other manufacturers are left scrambling to make a similar design within the next few years.

How to rent a Classic Ford Bronco in Los Angles?

If you are searching for a Ford Bronco rental, there are many things that you should consider first. This is one of the rarest vehicles for rental especially during the summer months. Additionally, this is also the vehicle that tends to go out of stock for several months. Therefore, it is important that you make plans early to get your hands you a Ford Bronco rental in the Los Angeles area.

Centurion Lifestyle will have only this unique Ford Bronco available for the season. There are also a number of special rental options for unique and exclusive SUV’s in our portfolio. If you are going to be traveling with your family, then you will probably want to consider asking for an SUV that has a bit of additional room for your luggage and other items. You might not want to have a full size SUV if you are only going to be taking two people and their luggage. If you find that this is going to be a problem, then you might want to consider a bigger size SUV rental that has an extra bit of space.

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