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Ferrari Rentals: Exquisite Super Cars to discover Los Angeles

Embodying unparalleled Italian craftsmanship, Ferrari is an iconic name in the realm of supercars. Since its inception in 1939, Ferrari has held its leading position with luxurious, powerful, and speedy sports cars that evoke a sense of awe and respect. Our Ferrari rentals are a testament to the superior driving experience this renowned brand offers, setting us apart from other car rental companies.

Models of Ferrari available to rent:

Experience the varied performance capabilities of Ferrari with our exclusive fleet in Los Angeles, which includes: These cars, equipped with top-of-the-line engines and advanced driving technologies like ‘Manettino’ dial for different driving modes such as Sport, Race, Wet, guarantee an extraordinary driving experience. Be it cruising through Los Angeles or Beverly Hills or discovering the charming landscapes of California, a Ferrari rental offers an unmatched journey. Driving a Ferrari always translates into a dream-come-true moment, even when it’s not the first time. Known for its unparalleled luxury, extraordinary speed, and cutting-edge innovation, the Ferrari delivers an unforgettable ride, whether navigating the bustling streets of LA or exploring the panoramic Pacific Coast Highway.

Ferrari’s Signature Design:

Each Ferrari exudes an enduring allure with its iconic exterior features such as LED headlights, exclusive alloy wheels, emblematic grille design, aerodynamic bumpers, and an overall captivating body style. Inside, you’ll find lavish leather seats, advanced climate control, a cutting-edge infotainment system, and superior sound system. Our latest Ferrari rental offerings stand as a testament to the brand’s prowess and aesthetic appeal. Available in a spectrum of colors from the classic Rosso Corsa red to the understated Nero Black, these supercars leave an indelible impression on the onlookers. The interiors offer an exquisite level of luxury with premium leather seats and high-quality materials adorning the dashboard and door panels. The models also provide ample space for both passengers and luggage, perfect for an exhilarating drive across the city or the state.

Precise handling and Safety features in Ferrari:

Our Ferrari rental models amalgamate looks and performance with top-tier safety features. These include a 360-degree camera system, adaptive cruise control, and comprehensive airbag protection. Each model also incorporates high-performance stability and control features for added safety at high speeds. Ferrari’s Advanced Infotainment: Our Ferrari rentals come equipped with an advanced touchscreen display that ensures easy access to features ranging from navigation to climate control. With Apple CarPlay compatibility, you can seamlessly integrate your smartphone and access your favorite apps.

Unmatched Ferrari Performance:

Ferrari is celebrated worldwide for its superb driving dynamics. Housing high-performance engines, including turbocharged V8s and V12s, these cars promise astounding power and an incredibly smooth ride, owing to their advanced suspension systems.

Make an Entrance with a Ferrari Rental:

Special occasions call for grand entrances, and what better way to make an impression than with a stunning Ferrari? Ideal for corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, or simply for creating a statement, a Ferrari is bound to command attention. Ferrari’s striking presence also adds a luxurious touch to any film or photoshoot. With Centurion Lifestyle, you can also choose from a diverse range of luxury SUVs, convertibles, sedans, and exotic cars for your specific needs.

Choose Your Ferrari with Centurion Lifestyle:

If driving a Ferrari is your dream, Centurion Lifestyle can make it a reality. Our team will assist you in choosing the perfect model tailored to your preferences. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that the process of renting your dream car is simple and enjoyable. If you’re considering a luxurious, high-performance sports car rental from Centurion Lifestyle, a Ferrari stands out as an excellent choice. It is known for its striking design, advanced safety features, and exceptional performance both on and off the track. A Ferrari rental is bound to make your driving experience unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

To rent a Ferrari, you need a valid driver’s license, and a major credit card. You must also meet the minimum age requirement, which is typically 25 years old. Contact us for more specific age requirements depending on the model.

Yes, you can rent a Ferrari for a day depending on the model and availability, but we encourage a minimum of 3 days to get the best pricing. Keep in mind that the rates and conditions may vary depending on the model and duration of the rental. 

Yes, you can. While driving a Ferrari requires more care due to its high-performance capabilities, our team will guide you through the basics before you take to the road and feel safe and confident.

Yes, we offer delivery and pick-up services, you will be asked to specify any special needs after choosing your rental dates.

The rental price typically includes the cost of the car for the rental period only. Additional charges may apply for delivery, extra mileage, or special equipment.

The ‘Manettino’ dial is a feature unique to Ferrari vehicles. It is a steering wheel-mounted control knob that allows drivers to select between different driving modes, such as Sport, Race, or Wet, optimizing the vehicle’s performance for different driving conditions.

Yes, we provide rentals for photoshoots, film productions, and other special events. Please contact us for more information.

The top speed of a Ferrari depends on the model, but most Ferrari vehicles can reach speeds well over 200 mph.

As high-performance vehicles, Ferraris are not particularly fuel-efficient. However, they are designed to deliver the utmost performance and driving experience.