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BMW M8 Rental in Los Angeles

The long awaited new BMW M8 coupe is the only truly “new” BMW for many years and it marks a major step forward for the company as well. This is due to the new technologies that have been incorporated into the M series and to the fact that the car now uses the most powerful engine made by BMW. The BMW M8 is one of the fastest cars on sale today and it is by definition, the highest performance version of all BMW fleet.

Some BMW models received a lot of criticism over the years but the new M8 Coupe has been greeted with much more positive attention. The BMW M8 features a new alloy body with a lower roof line, which makes the M car look a lot more exotic ans sporty car than the outgoing M cars. The new model have standard M compound wheels measuring 380mm in front and 400mm at the back which are a very good match to the M’s larger size.


Driving the new BMW M8

The BMW M8’s suspension system is one of the best on the market. It was designed with both speed and comfort in mind and is built around a new MacPherson strut bearing system. This improves the car’s handling on the road and makes it feel firmer, longer lasting and much more comfortable. The optional BMW M Carbon Ceramic brakes improve braking power and also provide superior braking resistance combined with excellent resistance to both wear and heat.

The BMW M8 is the third car in recent times that BMW has launched that uses the BMW ActiveDrive system.  The BMW ActiveDrive system is one of the best available systems on the market and it is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future due to the high level of performance achieved from its design and engineering. The ActiveDrive system is an important addition to the new BMW M8 and the future BMW M8 Grand Coupe and it will become increasingly popular as more sports cars enter the mainstream markets.

Exterior Design of the BMW M8

In the meantime the new BMW models that feature the new M compound wheels, carbon ceramic brakes and ActiveDrive are going to remain very competitive on the open road. They are a good compromise between the power and handling of a standard model and the handling and braking characteristics of a sport car. With the M compounds now being available in many different styles, colors and weights, it means that the M8 is now one of the most attractive sports cars on the market and will continue to remain so for a long time to come. It is easy to see why the new BMW M8 has been such a huge success with Centurion Lifestyle clients.

The BMW M6  models have been sold well and it seems that the new BMW M8 model is on course to make a similar sale in the near future. This will mean that this car is now one of the fastest selling cars in history and this may lead to more BMWs entering the mainstream markets. The future for the BMW brand looks very bright and it is hard to imagine it going anywhere else. The new BMW M8 has already proven to be a very good deal for the consumer and now the BMW ActiveDrive system promises to prove a similar deal for the next generation of BMW cars.


Drive it today

The new BMW M8 Rental at Centurion Lifestyle is starting on a very high demand, so if you are looking for a sports, then there are few other options. You will be able to drive a car that is capable of driving at a fast speed and with excellent handling and brake control and this coupled with all the standard features means that come standard, you will find that you can drive a really fast car. It also comes with an electronic climate control that will keep the car at the right temperature for comfort.

When looking for the best exotic car rental in Los Angles, there is no other option than Centurion Lifestyle is you want to get the best deals and peace of mind. We will provide the quality, safety and performance cat that you need at an affordable price. Reach out to our concierge today for help booking luxury sports cars.

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