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BMW M5 Sedan is a luxury car that offers class and style in a compact body. The high-class sports sedan underlines that visually by including numerous performance-oriented design features in black diamond finish. In addition to the stylish aspect designed especially for maximum dynamic performance and driving dynamics, the BMW M5 comes with a strong standard on luxury driving feel. You can tell that the interior of BMW M5 is not only tailored to make the passengers comfortable, but it also reflects BMW’s passion for quality, and of course, performance.

High-tech instrument panel, smart new seats and new technologies on the BMW M5 sedan are sure to give you a comfortable ride through its smooth cabin. With the large LCD screen that spans the width of the front panel, it is easy to keep track of your speed, fuel economy, engine condition and others. A sport-tuned steering wheel and the latest M Performance Parts, such as the strut bars and the M Performance brake calipers, contribute to the sporty feel of the BMW M5. The latest M Performance brakes are now available for the BMW M5, which features strong heat recovery and variable valve stems.



BMW M5 Sedan’s safety features are impressive to say the least. The front headlight sets a new standard in BMW, as well as the Adaptive Light system, which adjust its intensity for the driver’s driving style. In addition, the Drive-by-Wire Throttle System ensures greater control during a change of direction, while the Vehicle Stability Assist System (VSA) assists in the car’s ability to corner safely during the times when the vehicle is not driven. The BMW M5’s standard passenger and driver side airbags as well as the driver and passenger side knee airbags offer greater protection.

The spacious dimensions allow for comfortable long distance travel during your rental. With its perfect body size, it makes it easier to find parking and take advantage of all the activities around Los Angeles you while on the road. With its launch, the BMW M5 also introduced new space-saving features such as the i-Tune satellite navigation system, Mbrace 3rd gen Android interface, digital instrument panel with High Definition passenger and driver information display. Finding your way using your Iphone Apple Car GPS works is more efficient.



The BMW M5 creates a luxurious driving experience with its trademark BMW badge and beautiful look. The refined, aggressive and stylish BMW M model has been designed to cater to diverse tastes. It offers a refined, traditional feel with an enhanced sense of performance. The BMW drive system uses precision engineering to produce a powerful driving experience, with its optimized weight and balance, optimized body parts and superior handling. It’s the perfect rental for family trips where you can also combine your drive with some additional horse power just for the fun.

Our BMW M5 rental version comes with the upgraded BMW alloy wheels, which offer excellent strength and high tensile load. The front and rear seats of the BMW M models are designed to minimize movement resistance, improve ride and Handling Stability. For additional comfort, the front seats come with passenger-side airbags and side curtain airbags.The spacious rear cabin and generous boot space provide ample space for luggage.

Another highlight of the BMW M5 is its sporty, aggressive styling. In addition, the front fenders, which feature squared off sections to provide additional drag and the racing shape tail lamps help the BMW M5 draw tans and a strong presence. The sporty BMW M5 Rental model at Centurion Lifestyle, with its refined looks, comfortable ride and powerful powertrain can be safely considered one of the most popular choices among sports car enthusiasts.

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