Rent a Ferrari

Rent a Ferrari in Los Angeles

The Italian luxury sportscar brand was founded in 1939 by a man named Enzo Ferrari. His vision was to create fast cars and that is exactly what the man achieved. Ferrari sports cars are known to be one of the fastest in the motorsport business. The cars are loved by all and quite easily recognizable with their bright red color and their aggressive look. The red Ferrari color became so famous that people started associating the red color on a car with a Ferrari. Such is the fame of the Italian marque, which is partially why we at Centurion Lifestyle keep Ferraris for our respected clients. Our clients can rent out a Ferrari from us and zoom around the streets of Los Angeles. We wouldn’t be surprised if you end up attracting attention to yourself. The Ferrari is just too good.


Rent a Ferrari 488 Spider

Our Ferrari 488 Spider, as the name suggests, is a convertible. This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. When it is evening and the warm Los Angeles weather has cooled down, you can enjoy a cruise with the car’s top off. Feel the wind hitting your face when you push the pedal to the metal and hear the sweet purr of the 488’s engine unadulterated. After all, the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine deserves respect for its 0-60 mph acceleration in 3 seconds. Imagine the story you will tell your friends when you are done riding the Ferrari 488 Spider for the day. The car has two seats, which means you won’t be taking it to your nephew’s birthday party rather you could choose to go to a nice gala or fundraising event.


Rent a Ferrari 488 Spider for a special occasion or event :

A Ferrari is not a luxury car per se but it somewhat qualifies as one. It is expensive, fast and has all the latest amenities required by a modern driver. Hence it is a perfect idea to rent a Ferrari from us and visit galas, meets and official dinners just so you can make an impression on your hosts and win the night as you had planned.

You can choose from the Red Ferrari 488 Spider and the Grey Ferrari 488 Spider Carbon Edition.