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Centurion Lifestyle has a wide range of vehicles from your favorite automotive brands, that includes:

Mercedes Rental

Mercedes-Benz Rental

Mercedes is part of the three greatest German automotive brands and it is arguably the best among the three. We have a large number of Mercedes vehicles on offer that includes SUVs, sedans, coupes and sports variants. What’s more, the majority of our Mercedes are AMG tuned vehicles for rent which means they are the best of best.  >> Explore Mercedes-Benz Rentals

Ferrari Rental

The Italian brand is more than seventy years old and is renowned for making some of the most well-acclaimed sports cars in the world. We have one of their most successful 488 Spyder models. The car is available in 2 colors, Classic Red and Deep Grey.   >> Explore Ferrari Rentals

Bentley Rental

If you intend on enjoying a bit of British automotive excellence look no further than the Bentleys on offer at Centurion Lifestyle. You can choose from the Bentley Continental GT Convertible as well as the famous Bentayga SUV.  >> Explore Bentley Rentals

Rolls-Royce Rental

Everybody knows Rolls-Royce to be unparalleled when it comes to luxury in the automotive world. The Mercedes S-Class comes close but it is nowhere when compared with the handmade Rolls-Royce vehicles. At Centurion Lifestyle you can choose from the Wraith rental, Ghost rental, and Dawn rental.   >> Explore Rolls-Royce Rentals 

Lamborghini Rental

The Italian brand only makes exotic vehicles which is why you could never go wrong with renting one. We have the mighty Aventador rental and the lightning fast Huracan rental along with the Urus rental at your disposal.  >> Explore Lamborghini Rentals

Porsche Rental

The German brand is very famous for its sportscars but its SUV’s are equally famous. To get the complete Porsche experience we have the Panamera rental for you. Our latest Panamera is in pristine condition with its white color and red interior.  >> Explore Porsche Rentals

Range Rover Rental

Range Rover SUV’s are well-known since they are some of the most economical and well-performing vehicles in the market. At Centurion Lifestyle you can enjoy various versions Range-Rover rentals.   >> Explore Range-Rover Rentals

BMW Rental

BMW vehicles are one of the best in the world when it comes to performance and luxury. Their usage if cutting edge technology in their vehicles is well renowned. We at Centurion Lifestyle have the BMW M-3 rental and the latest BMW 7 series sedan which you can rent and enjoy.   >> Explore BMW Rentals

Cadillac Rental

The one vehicle that is utterly famous from the house of Cadillac is the Escalade SUV. Cadillac is also driven by various government officials of the United States including the President. Imagine the impression you would create if you roll out in one of them. You can rent one at affordable rates for your stay in the city of Los Angeles.   >> Explore Cadillac Rentals

Jeep Rental

The SUV’s coming from Jeep became so famous at one time that many people started associating every SUV with Jeep calling them by its name. The SUV that made that happen was the Jeep Wrangler. At Centurion Lifestyle you can live the Wrangler experience by renting it out for a day, a week or more.  >> Explore Jeep Wrangler Rentals

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