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Bentley Continental GTC

Horsepower 626 HP0%
Top Speed 207 mph - 330 Km/h0%


Exotic Ferrari Rentals

The exotic Ferrari 488 Spider is a mid-rear engine, hardtop convertible coupe that is as good looking as it is well designed. The cockpit of this Ferrari rental is beautifully crafted, richly covered in attractive leather, and possesses great legroom for its size and style.

The aerodynamic shape of this brilliantly-engineered vehicle ensures premium handling, stability, and power. Created with an ultra-lightweight aluminum hardtop to facilitate maximum speed and efficiency, the convertible mechanism of this Ferrari rental allows for full retractability in less than 15 seconds.

The Ferrari 488 Spider is known for being lighter and quicker than many of its predecessors. Designed with input from the legendary Ferrari Formula 1 driver, Michael Schumacher, this vehicle was designed for ultimate driving performance.


Engine Start Button
Rear Wheel Drive
Dual-Zone Climate Control Air Conditioning
Traction and Stability Control
Front and Rear Anti-Lock Braking System

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Convertible, Luxury Sedan