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Aston Martin DB11 Rental in Los Angeles

Aston Martin has become an automotive fashion brand for fashionable luxury driving. Since the introduction of the DB11, the company’s image has regain attractiveness and keeps affirming his position in the luxury automobiles market. Over the past few years, the company has launched three new models, and entered into alliances with clothing manufacturers, sports wear maker and a yacht manufacturer. This sets Aston Martin apart from the competition, it’s a successful design house that nothing can stops. If you’re a true luxury automotive enthusiast, you’ve came to the right place.


A step forward in sports car luxury

The interior of the Aston Martin DB11 is unlike any other in its line-up. The front seats are leather with an embossed finish, a touch that only comes from the Aston Martin team. The steering wheel also has a black leather finish that adds sportiveness to the drivers cabine design. There are some blackened areas around the vehicle that give it a unique look, which is a trademark of the Aston Martin line-up. The dashboard is covered in an extremely fine leather that looks like it’s made from a sheep skin but with a unique pattern that only the design team knows about. The dash contains three large central buttons that can be operated to switch on the headlights, turn on the stereo, and even to activate the emergency lights. The center console has everything you need, from USB ports to a complete infotainment and music system. The sound is just beautiful, powerful, clean and clear.


Aston Martin DB11 exceptional interior

Other areas of the interior of the Aston Martin DB11 that is exclusive to this brand are the center console, the glove box, and the pedals. The interior has been specifically designed by the Aston Martin design team in order to make it as much as possible like a futuristic race car. It features a racing stripe down the middle of the dash, which runs through the center console and runs along the center section of the seat. The interior of the car features racing details that give the vehicle a more aggressive look that is reminiscent of the classic Formula 1 car, that are most likely to come back in 2021. The pedals are hand-crafted to give you an unprecedented feel and look. They feature the same red racing stripe that runs across the center console. The design is astonishing in every small detail.

If you want to know more about the convertible version, the Aston Martin DB11 Volante – it will be good to know that it is now considered as one of the best convertible GT’s. Cruising around Malibu coast will make you feel what a real adventure car feel like. In the other hand, if you want to add that bit of authenticity to your ride, then go for the coupe body of the Aston Martin DB11 rental. This car comes complete with the best of British luxury and comfort, and you will instantly notice this as soon as you put it on. The car looks like a race car and is designed to handle like one, so you better be ready!


Aston Martin Rental with the best service

Centurion Lifestyle is not only a luxury car rental company; it also an effective and stress-free 5 stars service of house rentals and concierge services. You can have your car delivered at LAX and given to you by one of our agents – Los Angeles International Airport. Your paperwork will be ready for you in the car, no counter hassle and absolutely no time waisted waiting at the airport.

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