Chauffeur Service in Los Angeles

More Than a Rental Company


We have a rotating selection of cars available for our chauffeur service in Los Angeles. You can enjoy riding in the back seat of world-renowned brands including Mercedes, Cadillac, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley. Whether you prefer to be driven in a luxury sedan or a sports utility vehicle, we can meet your needs.


While we have a predetermined selection of rentals for your convenience, if you’re looking for something you haven’t found on our site, reach out to us with your special request. We’ll do everything we can to make your visit to Los Angeles memorable with our comprehensive services.


For any questions regarding our chauffeur vehicles and other lifestyle luxury rentals, call us at +1 (888) 399-4356 or emails us at info@centurionlifestyle.com.

Travel Safely in Los Angeles By Chauffeur


Los Angeles is a huge city with a large population and as such there are a lot of vehicles on the roads. An inexperienced person can find it hard to navigate his/her way through the metropolitan’s roads and traffic. The public transport system is not that well connected with all parts of the city. Hence, you cannot reach some parts of the city that easily. Furthermore, using a taxi or public transport is unpredictable and sometimes embarrassing if you are visiting a grand event. The best way to avoid all such inconvenience is to get yourself a vehicle that can allow you to roam around the city independently. However, if you are new in town or in LA for a few days, it is a great idea to hire a chauffeur to do the driving for you.


The chauffeurs at Centurion Lifestyle are professionally trained to take you anywhere in the city using the safest and shortest routes possible. You can depend on them to take you from point A to point B while being extremely courteous and responsible. Since our chauffeurs are well-trained, they know which roads to take, where to go at what time and what to show to newcomers. You can even ask them to give you a tour of the city.


No matter your duration of stay, Centurion Lifestyle has you covered.


Chauffeur Service from LAX Airport


If you are just arriving at the airport you can avail one of our great rental deals right after landing. There is no need for you to waste your time hiring a taxi or waiting for a bus. All you need is a luxury vehicle waiting for you at the airport. You just need to book your vehicle before you leave for Los Angeles and collect it once you land. If you also require a chauffeur for the entire length of your visit along with your car that can also be arranged.


Premium Chauffeur Services in Los Angeles


At Centurion Lifestyle, we provide more than just luxury car and villa rentals for your stay in California, we also provide exclusive chauffeur services in Los Angeles for your ultimate comfort and convenience. We accept nothing less than excellence in our lifestyle rental services, so our select clientele can rely on a five-star experience every time they visit us.

Chauffeur Service Rates

$250 / Day + $30 / Hour

(100 miles per day / $0,50 Extras)


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