Best Helicopter Rentals In Los Angeles

Helicopters are easily the most exclusive, efficient and convenient way to make an entrance, and they allow you to escape the dreadful traffic of Los Angeles. If you have never rented a helicopter before, let Centurion Lifestyle help make your first ride the best with our helicopter rentals in Los Angeles.

Our Royal Helicopters

All of our helicopters are well-crafted and engineered vehicles, designed to ensure you feel like royalty. In fact, one of our helicopter models is actually the official transport of the British royal party. If you ever wanted to fly like a king or queen, choose Centurion Lifestyle to fulfill your wish.

Our helicopters reign over the skies with twin turbo shaft engines, retractable gear, and four main and tail rotor blades. With multiple seats in the cabin of the helicopter, we have room to transport you and a small party throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding regions. Recline and relax on the soft cushioned, leather trimmed seats, and enjoy the ride.

Helicopter Safety

All Centurion Lifestyle helicopter rentals in Los Angeles come with a certified, trained helicopter pilot. We prioritize safety to ensure you arrive at your destination without any interruptions. Each of our helicopters is also equipped with the best safety features to provide stability and maneuverability in rough conditions.

Choose Centurion Lifestyle

Centurion Lifestyle is here to provide everything you need for your trip to Los Angeles. From villas and exotic cars to yachts and private jets, you’ll find it on our site. Reach out to our concierge for more information when you fill out our contact form.

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